This is Vijay Dev Konda’s first Bollywood movie and the movie also grossed a lot at the box office

Friends, in these articles we are going to know about the complete movie Ligar and in this movie you will get to see the pair of Vijay Dev Konda and Ananya Pandey through this movie. If we talk about this movie, you will get to see Vijay Devkund in a fighting role in this movie and I am going to tell you in this article how much money he has earned at the box office with this movie Liker and if we talk about his budget.

This is why the budget was 125 crores and this is why Puri Jagannath was the director and Karan Johar was the producer. So far the entire movie Life Liker has collected 36 crores at the box office. The audience did not get a good response to this girl and the popularity of this movie decreased day by day and still the audience is giving a good response to this girl. Talking about this box office collection on the fifth day, the movie Laiger has collected only 36 crores so far. Earned means they have not been able to get their budget price till now.

Friends, in the month of August, you got to watch many powerful movies of Bollywood and South, that is, on August 15, Lal Singh Chadha also visited you, and at the same time, Akshay Kumar’s Rakshabandhan and the dubbed movie of South, we are getting to see him doing much more and those movies.

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The name is Kartikeya 2, Kartikere 2 this movie netra did a lot of bang at the box office and after that I am telling you the name of the remaining movie Liger Tiger this movie released on 25th August 2022 and on the first day this movie did not get good response and first day box office. Officer collection is the first day this movie collected only 17 crores and that too in South.

If we talk about this Ligar movie, then the movie block went completely, so they could not even get their budget price and that movie flopped in such a way. And all the audience gave the mod is Karthiki to and you all know Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan are two famous heroes in Bollywood and their daughter also not very good response from the audience and it is block of both the superstars. It happened and beat all these is the South movie Karthiki Two.

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Friends these days the audience is very bored to watch Bollywood movies because Bollywood people try to dub the first released movies of the south and they try to make their own new movies and the audience is very much upset because of this so nowadays the audience feels that Bollywood should be closed and so many different Through social media, you are also getting to see news like Gaikwad Bollywood. Friends this is Vijay Dev Konda’s first Hindi movie which flopped in every way I wish Vijay Dev Kondane was not in Bollywood he should have played his role in South.

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