There is a movie which collected 500 crores at the box office on a budget of 150 crores, know the name of that movie.

Friends, in this article, we are going to know about Vikram, I am going to tell you how much money this movie earned at the box office, when this movie was released and how much was the budget of this movie, I will try to tell you the complete information. is and it is a south movie in tamil language. Talking about the movie Vikram, Vikram Ha Movie 3rd June 2022 this movie you will get to see the chemistry of both Kamal Haasan and Viju Sethupat in the entire movie, this is why the director is Lokesh Kanagaraj.

Talking about the budget of the movie Vikram, the entire budget of the movie Vikram was a big budget movie ranging from 120 to 150 crores and this girl received a very good response from the audience and the movie earned 12 crores on the first day, the second third, the fourth and the entire four installments in a row. This movie has grossed over 450 crores till the end of this movie and many are saying that this movie has been added to the list of movies of 2022 as the biggest box office collection movie of 2022. is

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This movie is still running in few countries and I hope it will cross 500 crores also I wish this movie should record more and earn more. This movie is doing so well at the box office that the audience was eagerly waiting for this movie and this movie was released and the audience enjoyed watching the double double tibble tibble movie. The director is thanking all the audience and he is also saying that I am very thankful to you for watching my movie and he is also saying that 500 crores means this movie has done a lot at the box office and it is going to be a super duper hit movie. .

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The budget of this movie is 120 to 150 crores and this movie has collected more than 500 crores at the box office so far and I hope if it runs in more countries then it will cross 600 crores too. So if you have not seen this movie then you must go to see this movie in theater and support this movie so that the box office collection of this movie will increase even more because watching any movie in theater is a different kind of fun on big screen..

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