Ram Pothineni’s Warrior, a well-known superstar from the well-known south, became a complete movie block.

Friends, in this article, we are going to know the information about the South movie Warrior, that is, how much this movie collected at the box office and how much was the budget of this entire movie. Playing the role you will see Ramputene first Pine Shetty and Keerthy Shetty are actors who have performed in South Madhle Digdya names and their roles are loved by every audience. The entire movie Ha Warrior was made on a budget of 70 crores and this movie was released on 17th July 2022 in the cinema near you.

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Friends, on the first day, the movie warrior earned 8 to 12 crores, then on the second, third, fourth day, we will not see this movie making much money, and in the first installment, such a complete movie earned 15 crores. And after that the revenue of this movie reached about 20 crores and by the end of this movie, so far this movie has earned 40 crores and the budget of this movie at the box office is 70 crores and this original has lost almost 40 crores and so this whole Warrior movie flopped in South.

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Friends this movie warrior was released on 14th july 2022 in movie eclipse near you in this movie you will get to see a lot of crime singh and serial and this movie is expected and not good response so it is complete till the last day of his movie this movie only 40 It earned only 40 crores which means the entire movie lost 40 crores because the entire movie had a budget of 90 crores and this movie earned only 40 crores till its end so the audience did not respond well to the movie and the director declared that the movie was a complete block.

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