A movie with a budget of 30 crores earned 80 crore rupees. Know what is the name of that movie and is that movie from south or Bollywood.

Friends, in this article we are going to know the information about the movie Seetharamam and that information is how much this movie earned at the box office so far and which actors were in this movie and how much was the budget of this girl and how much was the director and when was this movie released. I am going to tell you a total information through the article, so you must read the complete post till below.

You will get to see the pair of Mrinal Thakur and Dilkhur Salman through Mool and these two are the favorite pair of the audience. Sitharamam is a movie that you will get to watch in full Telugu and that’s why the director is Anu Ragada Vakudi.

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Friends this movie earned 6 crores on the day of Relix itself so on the first day this movie made a lot of noise at the box office and on the second day no need to ask second day this movie earned 7 crores and on the third fourth fifth day but this movie 10 crores consecutively and after the release of the movies in the second week, the movie grossed 40 crores.

Friends Sitaramam movie when Lal Singh Chadda bollywood movie was released and this movie got crop as you know nowadays many people are hating Aamir Khalla and also stop watching his movies its a good news. When Sitharamam movie was released at the same time as Karthiki’s 2 also released, both the movies received very good response and both the movies did very well at the box office and still Sitharamam is well liked by the movie audience. .

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Talking about the box office collection, this movie has collected more than 65 crores till now and this movie was made in 30 crores which means the entire movies budget was 30 crores. This south movie received a great response from the audience and this is a 2022 world wild movie that collected 65 crores at the box office.

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