95 crore budget movie in Kannada language was a complete flop.Know which movie is a complete flop

Friends in this article we are going to know about Vikrant Rona Kannada movie and how much box office collection of this movie so far and what is the budget of this movie. It has taken the box office by storm. This is why the budget is 95 crores. You will see Sudeep Jacqueline Fernandez Neeta Ashok three popular Kannada south industry famous and veteran actors playing their roles in this movie and Vikrant Rona OV was released in theaters near you on 28 July 2022 and it took the movie by storm after the first day because the first This movie earned 10 crores on that day.

If we talk about the box office collection of Vikrant Rona’s mobile, then on the first day this movie earned 10 crores, then on the second day it earned 3 crores, then on the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6 days in a row, this movie went on to earn 44 crores and almost till this movie 25 crores. Although it has so much box office collection, but in my opinion, this movie made very less box office collection because this movie has a budget of 95 crores, but this movie did not earn as much as it should have at the box office and completely this movie turned out to be a flop movie.

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95 crores budget movie i.e. Vikrant Rona became a flop movie in Kannada for the first time at the box office because the box office collection of this movie did not get a good response so this movie became a complete flop because in this movie Jacqueline Fernandez’s role in Hindi bollywood was not seen by people. Got and this girl was well received by the audience and this movie has collected only 30 crores after its release till now so the director and production team of this movie is very upset.

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